Quality Laboratory

Quality is not a coincidence

Our products evoke admiration with excellent operation and high quality. We attach importance to the high level of quality while serving and working with our customers, partners and suppliers.


ARRAY's quality cycle starts by observing how furniture is used all over the world. Bu gözlemlerden elde edilen bilgiler ışığında yeni ürünler geliştirilir. In order to ensure quality, computer simulations and prototype tests are carried out during the product development phase. Quality, includes the first place for ARRAY during production. In order to maintain the production quality, the tools and machines are subjected to the same test procedures in all production facilities. Precautions applied to ensure a high quality standard are regularly developed.






ARRAY's goal is not only the quality control at the end of the production but also the continuous high quality control.

ARRAY has developed its own test and control regulations based on the results of its research. Our products are tested in a comprehensive range of movement and durability with machines where in the laboratories of international standards.ARRAY works with well-known independent standard institutes and organizations so that ARRAY fulfills dozens of accepted norms and expectations. ARRAY has ISO 9001-2015 certified.